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Advertising Backpacks are a versatile marketing tool that allow you to take your message to potential customers! A Direct advertising solution for your business.

A great way to promote your brand or business. Our Backpack Billboards are lightweight, durable and are equipped with internal led lights so that your able to advertise day or night. Human billboard advertising has been around for centuries and a proven method of marketing. Wearable signage for your brand will help you stand out from the crowd and promote your brand in a professional exciting way.


When you provide your brand ambassadors with backpack billboards you immediately take your outdoor promotional campaign to the next level. Imagine adding a billboard backpack promotion to your brand awareness marketing campaign and taking your message directly out onto the street directly to your audience. Out of home advertising is a proven method that works.


The Backpack billboard features internal LED lighting which allows the media to be seen at night. Our walking billboards help get your on street marketing promotion be fresh and successful. The illuminated human billboard also comes with on board batteries and your street team person can operate the backpack billboard for up to 8 hours on a single charge. (Charger included.) We also offer a scrolling LED backpack billboard for added exposure.


When you equip your street team with walking billboards your distribution team becomes an outdoor advertising tool that takes your advertising message directly to your audience. This type of outdoor promotional advertising campaign can well exceed results from traditional human directional advertising. Human billboards will help your street team marketing campaign stand out from the rest.


We can design, print and deliver your flyers, Gps tracked teams will deliver your material to your focussed area. Hassle free service with a team your can trust.

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